Chris Stevens Youth Network


The Chris Stevens Youth Network provides specialized trainings in digital dialogue and online media sharing, discussions on global issues, and community building to schools in the United States and Middle East and North Africa region. The program promotes peace and conflict resolution through a combination of a person-to-person group exchanges and a virtual exchange.

With online collaboration throughout 2013 and 2014, one program in the Network will engage approximately 10,000 students and 400 educators in 20 countries. The project-based learning modules focus on eight thematic units: conflict resolution and peace education, the environment, civic education, social entrepreneurship, empowering girls and young women, food security, health, and literacy and education. Both educators and students will be able to build their skills in using communication technology to collaborate with their peers in other countries and to develop their awareness of these global issues.

The Chris Stevens Youth Network will also offer a separate opportunity for students from a select number of countries to take part in a three-week exchange in mid-2013 that will focus on peace-building, civil society, and conflict resolution. Lessons on these themes and connections with American students will then be supported through the virtual exchanges, employing social media and digital video conferences before, during, and after the group exchange.

Program Length

About 2 Years

Eligibility and Application Overview

Not open to public applications. A group of candidates from the same schools, classes, or youth clubs/organizations will be invited or nominated to participate.

Youth participants must be:

  • Secondary school students, and;
  • Between the ages of 15-18.

Educators are from participating schools or youth centers.

Administered by iEARN-USA

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