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LGBTI International Students Reflect on EducationUSA Interactive

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The video feature students from England, Jamaica, Pakistan, and Thailand who reflect on their EducationUSA panel experience.

A-SMYLE Student of the Month – December 2015

Zerina from Montenegro excels in her academics and as an active volunteer in her Wichita Falls, Texas community.

FLEX Student of the Month – January 2016

Ukrainian high school student Viktoriya stands out among other exchange students due to her racking up over 300 community service hours by cleaning city parks, raising money for local charities, a Christmas giving project, and supporting local police officers.

FLEX Student of the Month – December 2015

Georgian high schooler Manana is an excellent student, a dedicated volunteer at the local senior living home, a member of several school clubs, and an enthusiastic ambassador for her country's language and culture.

A-SMYLE Student of the Month – November 2015

Serbian high schooler Minja plays an active role in her host school, participating in many clubs and activities in addition to maintaining straight A's.

Ukrainian Youth Gains His Confidence in Iowa

The FLEX program provided Ukrainian high schooler Vadym Bilous with an opportunity to boost his confidence by stepping outside his comfort zone and being exposed to new experiences.

A-SMYLE Student of the Month – October 2015

Nermina, a CIEE placed American Serbia and Montenegro Youth Leadership Exchange (A-SMYLE) student from Montenegro, is an exceptional student, volunteer, and host daughter enjoying her exchange year with a smile on her face and ambition in her heart.

FLEX Student of the Month – October 2015

Ihor is an active member of his host community, school, and host family, volunteering with a local church, tutoring children in English and math, and helping his host family with chores around the house.

A-SMYLE Student of the Month – September 2015

Tamara, a student from Serbia, carries an ambitious attitude and friendly personality, placing her amongst the brightest and most respectful students at her school.

FLEX Student of the Month – September 2015

Narek proudly shares his Armenian culture with his host community as well as volunteering as a sign language tutor and with the local library.