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Tri Minh's Quartet Bring Sounds of Hanoi to the U.S.

Tri Minh's Quartet poses in front of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.

Members of the Vietnam-based Tri Minh's Quartet discuss their music and Center Stage experience.

Ribab Fusion: Berber Culture with a Modern Twist

Ribab Fusion, a funk-rock-jazz group that celebrates Morocco’s Amazigh (Berber) culture

Members of amazing funk sensation powered by a single ribab string, Ribab Fusion, discuss their hopes for their Center Stage exchange.

Khumariyaan Plays Hyper-Folk for American Audiences

Khumariyaan, a hyper-folk group from Pakistan

Khumariyaan band members discusses their Center Stage experience.

An Introduction to the 2014 Center Stage Tour!

Center Stage is an opportunity for U.S. communities and international artists from a diversity of genres and traditions to connect and to learn from each other along the way.

Learn how Center Stage, a groundbreaking cultural diplomacy initiative, connects foreign artists with American communities.

The Power of the Pen: Garang John, Edward R. Murrow Participant

Garrang John of South Sudan, a journalist on the Edward R. Murrow exchange program.

Garang John of South Sudan shares his personal story as a journalist on the Edward R. Murrow exchange program.

FLEX Student of the Month – November 2014

Georgian exchange student Geno plays in the Jazz Band, on the varsity soccer team, and volunteers in his Fort Worth, Texas host community, while teaching his classmates about his home country and culture.

Humphrey Fellows Discuss Climate Change

Over 170 Humphrey Fellows from 98 countries convened to discuss climate change at the Global Leadership Forum.

FLEX Student of the Month – October 2014

In addition to joining six clubs since the start of the school year, Kamila has volunteered over 50 hours in her host community, calling helping people the "main goal" in her life.

FLEX Student of the Month – September 2014

Elizaveta, a high school student from Russia, excels in her studies and participates in Student Government, volunteering, and theater.

Mandela Washington Fellow: Investing in the Environment

Mandela Washington Fellow from Zambia Clive Jifunte

Mandela Washington Fellow Clive Jifunte, a wildlife ecologist from Zambia, discusses how his fellowship will impact his career and future.