Community Solutions

Program Spotlight

Community Solution Program: Breaking the Cycle of Violence

SAGAR:My name is Sagar Budhathoki, and I from Nepal and I've been working in Youth Peer Education Network Nepal, for the past 4 years.
I'm a Community Solutions Program
fellow.  Community Solutions Program is professor leadership program of U.S. Department of State, and it provides a great exposure for young leaders from all around the world, it has 4 thematic areas. In my case, my thematic area is women and gender issues.
I was assigned with Break the Cycle, it is one of the leading nonprofit organization in the United States, working exclusively for
young people on issues of dating violence. We are trying
to promote healthy relationships among young people, and do various advocacy campaigns
against dating violence.
KELLEY: My name is Kelley Hampton, I am the Director of Programs here at
Break the Cycle.
Break the Cycle, is an organization that motivates and inspires and supports
young people to create communities free violence.
When we heard about the Community Solutions Program, we saw the amazing advocates and the
work that they did and it seem to be a very good match.
Sagar, adds a lot to our environment here, at Break the Cycle, as well as to the information that we provide in the way in which we provide it to young people.
SAGAR: So what I do is, I work directly with them planning various activities, making strategies for them, I believe that whether it is young people from United
States, whether it's young people from Nepal, they have the same
feeling they have the same behavior, I can relate that through working with young people here.
So I'm pretty excited to take the learnings from here and get back
home in implement the experiences I gained here as I can here in
implementing it in my community.
KELLEY: Our work with Sagar will most
certainly continue,we have already discussed him developing
and dating abuse program when he returns.
Exchanges like this to me are extremely
important, I think for organization because again you're not doing this work
just for your community, you're thinking more broadly and more globally about
building healthier communities free from violence.