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  1. One International Engineering Student’s Journey to Study in the U.S.

    Educational Resources and Opportunities Available Through EducationUSA

  2. Out of the Books and into the Real World

    As an A-SMYLE student I was involved in many things in school.

  3. Passion for Education

    Khawaja saw many similarities between Americans and Pakistanis, similarities that did not always translate through media outlets.

  4. Rebuilding a Georgian City

    Charlie Bush felt energized when he learned of his acceptance into the ECA Legislative Fellow Program. Charlie, a City Administrator, would be leaving the U.S. and traveling to the Republic of Georgia to exchange ideas on democracy and political participation.

  5. Standing Together for Human Rights

    Daman helped set up the summer 2011 program for the first two delegations of Afghans participating in the ECA U.S./Afghan Professional Partnership.

  6. Supporting the Next Generation

    Supporting the Next Generation Through English Language Learning.

  7. The Richness of Diversity

    I learned that there is great richness in diversity, and each person had an impact on me.

  8. The Teacher who Never Stopped Learning

    Online Learners Build Community and Friendships in the E-Teacher Scholarship Program.

  9. The Value of Networking

    Networking and conquering fears in the The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program

  10. Understanding Through First-Hand Experience

    There may be small differences in the way we dress and what we eat, but we are all basically the same in our needs for protection, love, comfort, and freedom.


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