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  1. Learning the American Way

    Embracing the tenets of the A-SMYLE program – education, exchange, engagement, and empowerment – Danijela participated in youth leadership conferences that gave her the confidence to meet new people. She credits them and her program coordinator for their support.

  2. Hosting; The Most Rewarding Experience!

    Lisa Petersen, a private registered nurse, has hosted many Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) students from Eurasia. She found it fascinating how different cultures share so many similarities differently well as so many differences.

  3. YES Student “Another Son” to Indiana Host Family

    "He called me ‘Mom,’ and now when we talk on the phone every Sunday he calls me ‘Mom 2’."

  4. Iowa Host Family All-Stars Form Lifelong Bonds

    “You’re making a huge impact on someone’s life, and it doesn’t end when they leave to go back home.”

  5. Host Family Loves to Share Their Alabama Home

    Leigh Ann Parker never thought her daughter’s friendship with a Norwegian exchange student would lead to her family hosting teenagers from seven different countries.

  6. My Extended Minnesota Family

    Fahmida Zaman sometimes missed her family in Bangladesh during her Global Undergraduate Exchange Program experience. She spent the better part of 2012 at St. Catherine University in Minnesota, well removed from her home. But, she is thankful for the connections she made with professors, her “friendship family,” American and international students, and one very memorable meeting with another Bangladeshi.

  7. Discovering American Culture

    Nodirjon Siddikov was expecting many things when he came to Rochester, New York, as part of the Fulbright Foreign Student Program in 2009, but a vibrant food culture was not one of them.

  8. Fulbright Foreign Student Alumna Introduces First Seeing-Eye Dog to Mongolia

    As a student in Mongolia, Uyanga Erdenbold did not have the same opportunity to read books as her fellow students did until she reached college.

  9. A-SMYLE Student of the Month — September 2013

    Jelica, a World Link student from Serbia, is taking full advantage of the opportunities offered at her host school and in her host community.

  10. A-SMYLE Student of the Month — November 2013

    Milos Djordjevic is an outgoing, social American Council student who turns every contact he makes into an opportunity to learn.


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