February 14, 2014

Butterflies in My Stomach: Foreign Language Teaching


The first moment that was really exciting
was the pre-summer orientation conference we had in Brazil
that I got to meet all my fellow FLTAs
It was the first time I understood the importance of the program.
At first I was "Oh, this is interesting, and I'm doing this, and this is cool."
But when we got to the pre-summer orientation
we had a conference inside the U.S. Embassy
that was the first moment I was like "Okay, this is big!"

Language in general is to make somebody be able to communicate.
So I usually print out some articles
like in the general culture or politics
and then I present it and we discuss it in class.
And that is the most exciting part because
first they are learning and at the same time
we are doing the daily activities, the daily things that
they even know in English, but they might not know in Arabic.
And they usually tell me, whenever we meet you we learn something new.

And I guess the second most important moment
was the first day of class.
Because I felt, I don't know, everything fell into place.
And I said, "Well, I'm here, this is what I came to do, and I'm going to do it."
And I felt really good about myself.
And nervous, but in a very exciting way.
And I've been a teacher for over 4 years and
it had been a while since I those butterflies in my stomach and it felt good.