January 7, 2015

Khumariyaan Plays Hyper-Folk for American Audiences


[Sparley Rawail, Lead Guitarist & Ghungro Percussion, Khumariyaan]: Center Stage still recognizes the fact that there is art in countries even though there are religious differences, there are cultural differences and it needs to be promoted all over the world.

[Farhan Bogra, Rubab & Pushtoon Sitar, Khumariyaan]: It’s not only communicating and showing your culture, your traditions, not only to Americans, but I think the rest of the world.

[Aamer Shafiq, Rhythm Guitar, Khumariyaan]: And if you look at it, music is a universal language, and the best way to express feelings is through music, so that’s what we plan to achieve here as well.

[Rawail]: What we are doing is providing folk music but it’s more richly layered.

[Shiraz Khan, Percussion, Khumariyaan]: We play folk music, but in a different manner, plus we fuse the music, we are fusing the eastern and western culture together.

[Bogra]: And along with this, also to learn a lot of things from the communities, from the people of the United States. And to interact with them, so this is an exchange program and I’m proud to be here. 

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