January 7, 2015

Ribab Fusion: Berber Culture with a Modern Twist


[Mehdi Nassouli, Gimbri (Hajhuj), Percussion, Vocals, Ribab Fusion]: With Center Stage we try to mix our traditional music from Morocco, Berber Music, with new sound like rock sound, like jazz, like reggae, salsa and everything.

[Jamal Boumadkar, Bass, Ribab Fusion]: To exchange our culture, Berber culture of Morocco with the American peoples, we are happy to be here.

[Brahim El Mazned, Artistic Director of Timitar Festival in Agadir, Morocco]: For the musician it is very important to know U.S. country, U.S. musicians, certainly it will help them to continue to bring new dynamic, new energy to their music.

[Nassouli]: I hope that the American Public will like our music and I hope the message will be transmitted, and I hope freedom to all the world.