January 7, 2015

Tri Minh's Quartet Bring Sounds of Hanoi to the U.S.


[Tri Minh, Piano and Electronics, Tri Minh's Quartet]: Center Stage is a program where it brings international artists to American audiences, where we will have the chance to explore and exchange our experience in Vietnam and also in the world to American audience.  

[Duc Minh, Mouth Harp, Tri Minh's Quartet (speaking Vietnamese)]: There are up to 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam and I want to showcase the culture of the minorities of Vietnam through their music.  

[Pham Tra My, 16-String Zither, Tri Minh's Quartet (speaking Vietnamese)]: In this performance, beside the digital music composition, I want to showcase the Vietnamese traditional music specialty from folk songs or cai luong (Vietnamese folk opera).

[Tri Minh]: In the future maybe we can have a collaboration between Vietnam and America and maybe we can make something special about it.