January 28, 2016

A-SMYLE Student of the Month – October 2015


Nermina giving presentation about Montenegro to a local group.
Nermina, a CIEE-placed American Serbia and Montenegro Youth Leadership Exchange (A-SMYLE) student from Montenegro, is taking advantage of her exchange year with a smile on her face and ambition in her heart. She is dedicated to being an exceptional student, volunteer, and host daughter. 
Nermina exhibits confidence and a friendly personality while juggling roles as a student, dancer, and speaker. She excels in her academics: she is enrolled in three advanced placement (AP) courses and maintains straight A’s. When Nermina is not studying for her classes, she enjoys dancing and recently performed in a Michael Jackson musical production with her dance class and the show choir. Nermina uses music to express herself, but also enjoys expressing her cultural identity through presentations. She has given two cultural presentations about Montenegro at school and at a local church. During the event at her local church, Nermina offered pastry treats and cheese rolls from her country to the audience. 
Nermina is also an avid volunteer. She came on program with a goal of completing 100 hours of volunteer work, and has already dedicated 46 hours of service to her community. Nermina volunteers with her host mother, Sandy, every Saturday at a book sale in the Central Library. She has also joined numerous clubs at school that are committed to community service: Key Club, Tri-Hi-Y Club, and the Dream Team Club. In addition, Nermina is a member of Venture Crew, a co-ed scout organization. Through her dedication to volunteer work, Nermina displays her compassionate, selfless heart. 
Sandy can attest to Nermina’s compassionate personality. The two share a deep love of animals and enjoy playing with the family pets. They enjoy cooking dinner together while talking about their day. Sandy enjoys sharing her home and life with Nermina and says it will be difficult when her host daughter leaves, because she loves Nermina as her own child. Nermina is an exemplary exchange student who has made a profound impact on her school, community, and host family. 
Congratulations, Nermina!
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