October 16, 2015

A-SMYLE Student of the Month – September 2015


Tamara cooking a traditional Serbian meal for her host family
Tamara, an ACES-placed American Serbia and Montenegro Youth Leadership Exchange (A-SMYLE) student, carries an ambitious attitude and friendly personality, placing her amongst the brightest and most respectful students at her school. Tamara, originally from Serbia, displays no hesitation in embracing American culture, and sharing her own.
In short, Tamara is brilliant and fearless. She is enrolled in Honors classes at her high school and has maintained an ‘A’ average in each of them. On her second day of school, Tamara and hundreds of other students auditioned for a part in the school play. To set her audition apart from those of other students, Tamara performed a comedic monologue solo. She, and only 14 others, snagged a role in the play.
Not only does Tamara excel in the performance arts, but she masters the art of public speaking. “Tamara is one of the most gifted speech givers [I have] ever had in [my] class,” exclaimed Tamara’s speech teacher. Perhaps her unbelievable gift of communication is the reason Tamara is well-known amongst her peers in a school that enrolls 2,500 students.  
When Tamara is not maintaining her perfect average, or entertaining audiences, she finds solace in volunteer work. Since the beginning of the school year, she has completed 10 hours of community service and plans to accumulate more hours. She distributes food to the homeless at the State Capitol and extends a hand to a local church. Tamara has also organized and hosted a Serbian dinner party for her host family and friends. “Tamara has been considerate and just fit right in with the family,” says Tamara’s host mother, “She thinks ahead and is proactive.” 
Tamara possess qualities ideal for all exchange students. Her local coordinator remarks, “Everyone who meets her falls in love with her, whether they are teens or adults. She’s made a large number of diverse friends, had multiple families tell me they would love to host her. She is the perfect “poster child” for an exchange program!” 
Congratulations, Tamara! 
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