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Not a Year of Life, But Life in a Year

Zulfiqar (Zulfi) Sheth credits his Community College Initiative (CCI) Program for helping him to excel after returning to India as a student and as a delegate to international youth forums addressing global concerns.

An Opportunity for a Brighter Future

CCI helped set Tamryn on the path to achieving her dream of becoming a software developer.

YES Story: Zaid

YES participant Zaid

Zaid discusses his exchange experience in Indiana as a Jordanian Christian with many Muslim friends.

YES Story: Rasha

YES participant Rasha

Rasha discusses breaking down barriers during her exchange in Washington.

YES Story: Sara

YES participant Sara

Sara discusses her exchange experience in Indiana.

YES Story: Hussein

YES participant Hussein

Hussein discussing his experience making friends in Michigan during his exchange.

YES Story: Yara

YES participant Yara

Yara discusses her experience as an exchange student in Alaska.

YES Story: Nicole

YES participant Nicole

Nicole discusses her experience being hosted in Texas.

YES Story: Yasmin

YES participant Yasmin

Yasmin discusses her experience being hosted in Massachusetts.

A-SMYLE Student of the Month – March 2016

In addition to a full academic and volunteering schedule, Nikola lead the planning and organizing efforts for a benefit concert at his host school to raise money for the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.