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FLEX Student of the Month – September 2014

Elizaveta, a high school student from Russia, excels in her studies and participates in Student Government, volunteering, and theater.

FLEX Student of the Month – May 2014

Zhyldyz Omursakova, a World Learning FLEX student from Kyrgyzstan, volunteered over 120 hours of community service this year and regularly volunteered at the Liberty Senior Care Facility, spending time with the elderly residents and organizing fun events such as a Mardi Gras party.

FLEX Student of the Month – April 2014

Vera Kalinina, a States’ 4-H FLEX student from Russia, made a major impact on her host community and the state of Oregon through her informative presentations about Russian civil society and culture and volunteer activities.

FLEX Celebrates 21st Year

The Future Leaders Exchange Program (FLEX) celebrated the end of its 21st year with approximately 168 students of this year’s 800 scholarship recipients.

FLEX Student of the Month – March 2014

Gulnar Resulkulyyeva, a World Link FLEX student from Turkmenistan, is a proven leader and dynamic FLEX ambassador. In addition to her over 200 hours of community service thus far, Gulnar is a member of the Key Club, Green Club, and Spanish Club and recently earned a spot on the varsity track team.

FLEX Student of the Month – February 2014

Gavharkhon is not only an excellent student but a talented singer as well, participating in her school choir and singing in local community events in Tajik and in English.

FLEX Student of the Month — September 2013

Turan Jabbarli, a CIEE student from Azerbaijan, volunteers at the local library, tutors elementary students in math, and is a leader among other exchange students.

FLEX Student of the Month — November 2013

Azat Toroev, a PAX student from Kyrgyzstan, participates in many activities at his host school including the History Bowl team and the Mock Trial team as well as volunteering as a peer counselor.

FLEX Student of the Month — December 2013

Tatia Rtveladze, an ASSE student from Georgia and active volunteer in her host community, gave nine presentations, including performances of Georgian folk dances, during International Educational Week (IEW).

FLEX Student of the Month — October 2013

Anna Terekhova, a World Link student from Russia, is an active volunteer and cultural ambassador in her host community.