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FLEX Student of the Month – December 2014

Liza, a Future Leaders Exchange student from Russia, has clocked an impressive 100 hours of community service during her three and a half months in her host community along with participating in many clubs and activities.

FLEX Student of the Month – September 2014

Elizaveta, a high school student from Russia, excels in her studies and participates in Student Government, volunteering, and theater.

FLEX Student of the Month – April 2014

Vera Kalinina, a States’ 4-H FLEX student from Russia, made a major impact on her host community and the state of Oregon through her informative presentations about Russian civil society and culture and volunteer activities.

FLEX Student of the Month — October 2013

Anna Terekhova, a World Link student from Russia, is an active volunteer and cultural ambassador in her host community.

A Lesson in Politics and Compassion

It’s just amazing to learn how the government works here. I was a legislative page for two weeks in the state legislature and that was something I never imagined.

After FLEX, ‘There is Absolutely Nothing I Can’t Do’

Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) program participant Anton Meshkov traveled from a bustling city in Russia to the small, sprawling American city of Shevlin, MN.

Continuing the Exchange After the Exchange Program Ends

Continuing the Exchange After the Exchange Program Ends

Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence Program

U.S. institutions of higher education may submit proposals to host Fulbright lecturers from abroad for one or both semesters in an academic year.

Sports Visitor Program

Young non-elite athletes and coaches chosen by U.S. missions overseas to visit the United States for a fast-paced two week exchange program.