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FLEX Student of the Month - October 2017

Matthew, a PAX (Program of Academic Exchange)-placed Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) student from Lithuania, hit the ground running when he arrived in Houston, Texas in September.

YES Story: Nicole

YES participant Nicole

Nicole discusses her experience being hosted in Texas.

FLEX Student of the Month – November 2014

Georgian exchange student Geno plays in the Jazz Band, on the varsity soccer team, and volunteers in his Fort Worth, Texas host community, while teaching his classmates about his home country and culture.

Hosting; The Most Rewarding Experience!

Lisa Petersen, a private registered nurse, has hosted many Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) students from Eurasia. She found it fascinating how different cultures share so many similarities differently well as so many differences.

From Big City to Small Farming Town

I'm very proud that I have friends from more than 13 countries.