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Everyone Welcome, No Experience Needed

Arts Envoy Phillip Martin recently made an impact in Kingston, Jamaica, by creating a work of art that included the entire community.

CLS Experience Leads to Career Focused on Democracy and Governance in Central Asia

When Matt Tappert studied abroad in Tomsk, Russia in 2008 as part of the Critical Language Scholarship Program, he had the simple goal of participating in an immersive program that would help develop his Russian language skills and cultural knowledge.

Gilman Experience Leads to Congressional Internship and Passion for Public Service

When Marjorie studied abroad in the United Kingdom as a Gilman Scholar in summer 2017, she often found herself challenged by questions of inclusion.

From Gilman Scholar to Foreign Service Officer

As a native Spanish speaker and world language major at CUNY Hunter College, Josh knew the best way to improve his French skills was to immerse himself in the language.

Caitlyn Carpio Interview

Caitlyn Carpio, who studied Mandarin in Suzhou, China through the CLS program, experienced firsthand the power of cultural exchange in sparking new friendships and reaching mutual understanding.

American Abroad Student of the Month - February 2016

Matt’s commitment to immersing himself into his host community and his love for Bosnia are highlighted in press and TV interviews. Matt is learning to play a traditional instrument (the tamburica), participates in religious and social events and workshops, volunteers at the local soup kitchen, kindergarten, high school association, and the U.S. Embassy’s American Corner, and is learning how to make traditional dishes.

American Abroad Student of the Month - January 2016

Melita quickly integrated into her host community by reaching out to her Chinese classmates and made great strides in her language learning progress, even giving interviews about her experience in Chinese to local media.