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  1. NBA Legend Tracy Murray Goes Beyond the Game as Sports Envoy

    During Tracy Murray's most recent trip to Greece as a Sports Envoy, he conducted basketball clinics and engaged in dialogue with young people on “fair play” and social justice.

  2. Overcoming Culture Shock Through Volunteer Work

    Instead of withdrawing or isolating herself, Westmoreland overcame her culture shock by doing an activity she enjoys in the U.S. – volunteering.

  3. Photographer in Bangladesh

    Interactive Media teacher Geoffrey Hiller reflects on his time in Bangladesh.

  4. Preserving the Culture of Modernizing Villages Through Photography

    Fulbright Scholar Kathleen McLaughlin documents the modernization of Maramures, Romania through pictures.

  5. Sharing Our Stories Through Dance

    After more than a decade of war ravaged the village of Freetown in Sierra Leone, the infrastructure remains in ruins and the people now live with the physical and emotional scars of a country taken by violence.

  6. Social Dynamics of Maternal Health

    Shining a light on the importance of maternal health through the Fulbright program.

  7. Student Filmmaker Documents Wildlife Conservation

    According to Dunning, his experience in the Fulbright program was an incredible opportunity that advanced him both personally and professionally.

  8. Student Goes Beyond the Call of His Studies; Aids Local Children with Cleft Palates

    Fulbrighter Luke Juran goes beyond is tsunami research to help those affected by cleft lips and palates.

  9. The Economics of a Ghanaian Classroom

    Adjusting perspectives of time and culture in the Teachers for Global Classrooms Program

  10. The Healing Power of Art

    Art Therapist Ashley Door traveled to the centers of Zarqa, Ammon, and Aqaba to introduce the healing power of art to Palestinian and Pakistani refuges living with the trauma they’ve endured during their journeys.