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  1. The "Tamada"

    When Colin Hovde first arrived to the Republic of Georgia he immediately noticed the social differences compared to those of the United States.

  2. When Art Imitates Life

    Being in the school play and working closely with the other student actors and directors did help me improve my Hindi skills and confidence in speaking.

  3. Samantha Faces her Fears and Masters a New Language

    Samantha never imagined she would one day be conversing comfortably in Turkish with a group of friends in Turkey. But that's exactly what happened during her academic year abroad as part of the NSLI-Y program.

  4. A Father Sends His High-Schooler Abroad for First Time

    The opportunity to experience another culture firsthand, by living with a native family is a chance of a lifetime.

  5. A Parent's Perspective on Exchange

    “Some questions get answered ahead of time – some don’t,” explains Doug. “It takes a good degree of trust and sense of adventure to allow this whole thing to happen in the first place.”

  6. Chinese Hospital Stay Inspires Children’s Story

    Erik never expected that his stay in a local hospital would inspire him to write and illustrate a children's book.

  7. Arabic Program Expands Dental Career Dream

    Shadowing a Moroccan dentist showed me that so many more people in the world need dental help.

  8. U.S. Student Uses ‘Gangnam Style’ to Depict Daily Life in China

    Comedians spend much of their time learning jokes, rehearsing lines and practicing delivery. For Fulbright U.S. Student Jesse Appell, however, the first step isn’t about the lines – it’s about being proficient in Chinese.

  9. The Many Faces and Facets of Music

    Folk music artist Cathy Fink, along with bandmates Marcy Marxer and Barbara Lamb, embarked on a multi-country tour with American Music Abroad in hopes of sharing their Appalachian style of music with foreign audiences.

  10. Disability is Diversity: Dr. Christie L. Gilson Shares her Story

    "Just because you have a disability does not mean you can't do an exchange program," says Dr. Christie Gilson. Read more about how an exchange program is an opportunity for anyone.