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  1. Second Time’s a Charm

    Erin Towns talks about what it means to participate in the Teachers for Global Classroom program.

  2. A Geography Teacher Steps into the Map

    Teacher Laura Ross describes her experience with the Teachers for Global Classroom program.

  3. Lasting Friendships in the Middle East

    The diversity of the U.S. is a phenomenon I have yet to see anywhere else and visiting our country gives an inside snapshot of the world. People should feel comfortable knowing that they are welcome here.

  4. Mastering Language, Translating Culture

    Georgia native Evangelista traveled to Suzhou, China during the summer of 2012 to study Chinese as a National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) participant.

  5. Discovering Chinese Culture through Music

    Vanessa studied Chinese the summer of 2012 in Suzhou, China as a National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) participant and was introduced to a whole new world.

  6. Using Music and Conversation to Reach Students on the Black Sea

    David, an English Language Fellow at the National Technical University in Sevastopol, Ukraine teaches English to international students, helping them to “be critical, creative, and compassionate global citizens.”

  7. Fulbright Alumnus Leads Train of Entrepreneurial “Millennials” across the United States

    For Patrick Dowd, the most pivotal moment of his 2010-11 Fulbright scholarship was his time spent on a crowded train in India.

  8. First Sports Envoys with Disabilities Travel to China to Advance Disability Rights and Inclusion

    Addressing the rights and inclusion of persons with disabilities in China has emerged as a significant foreign policy issue in the twenty-first century. Dr. Becky Clark and Dr. Woodson- Smith made a historical trip serving as the first ever disabled sports envoys to travel on behalf of the State Department to Guangzhou, China.

  9. From Basketball to Government, Host Family Teaches CBYX Student All About Kentucky

    Betty Patterson and her husband Hubert never thought about being a host family.

  10. Inspiring Young Audiences and Building Bridges with Local Communities through Dance

    Donald Byrd and his dance company Spectrum Dance Theater recently embarked on a DanceMotion USA tour. The Artistic Director and crew began the tour in Nepal, where they used dance to entertain and engage with the local people.