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  1. American Abroad Student of the Month - January 2016

    Melita quickly integrated into her host community by reaching out to her Chinese classmates and made great strides in her language learning progress, even giving interviews about her experience in Chinese to local media.

  2. American Abroad Student of the Month - February 2016

    Matt’s commitment to immersing himself into his host community and his love for Bosnia are highlighted in press and TV interviews. Matt is learning to play a traditional instrument (the tamburica), participates in religious and social events and workshops, volunteers at the local soup kitchen, kindergarten, high school association, and the U.S. Embassy’s American Corner, and is learning how to make traditional dishes.

  3. American Abroad Student of the Month - April 2016

    Elizabeth has become deeply connected with her host family and community in Ghana and has a keen interest in making traditional Batik fabric and learning traditional sewing techniques.

  4. American Abroad Student of the Month - September 2016

    Cyrus Johnson, a Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Abroad scholar from Portland, Oregon, has been named September’s American Abroad Student of the Month.

  5. American Abroad Student of the Month - October 2016

    Although apprehensive at first about jumping into Chinese-only classes, Mackenzie embraced her experience and has taken advantage of resources such as her tutors and classmates.

  6. Creating Space for Chinese Culture in California

    Through his NSLI-Y experience in Suzhou, Ben immersed himself in the language and culture he had only been able to explore from a distance.

  7. American Abroad Student of the Month - December 2016

    Tana is an enthusiastic and curious student who cares deeply about serving her new community in Bosnia and Herzegovina and fostering mutual understanding between the United States and her host county through cultural exchange.