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  1. Why Participate?

    Educational and cultural exchange programs support personal growth, lead to a deeper understanding about foreign cultures and improve international relationships.
  2. Travel & Living Arrangements

    Before you go, make sure you research the local conditions, laws, and political landscape of your host country.
  3. NSLI-Y, Language Learning with U.S. State Department

    Lena learned Turkish and learned about a very different culture as a participant in the NSLI-Y program

    The NSLI-Y Program is a program that helps American students study abroad to learn foreign languages that are deemed critical by the U.S. government.

  4. Study Abroad, Make a Difference

    Study Abroad, Make a Difference

    National Security Language Initiative for Youth alumni talk about their exchange experiences.

  5. Dance! Diplomacy in Motion

    Rennie Harris and dance troupe PureMovement

    Check out the four dance companies scheduled to tour around the globe in 2012 as part of the U.S. Department of State's DanceMotion USA program.