August 26, 2015

YES ABROAD: Macedonia with Natalia

My name is Natalia Mushegian, I am 16 and I am a rising senior.
So I am going to Macedonia this August through the YES Abroad program. So there are a lot of things that made me want to apply to this program, including the fact that I want to be kind of a more of a
global citizen.
I'm Natalia and I am studying abroad in Macedonia. The YES Abroad program is a study abroad exchange program that is funded by the State Department, that sends students from the United States
to countries with significant Muslim populations.
I just got back from Macedonia, on the KL-YES Abroad program, yesterday. The biggest impact that this experience had on me, was with how I view myself, my interests, and what I really value. You can just live your life and make decisions with more knowledge about the diversity of experience that people have, and to have had that yourself.