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CLS Experience Leads to Career Focused on Democracy and Governance in Central Asia

When Matt Tappert studied abroad in Tomsk, Russia in 2008 as part of the Critical Language Scholarship Program, he had the simple goal of participating in an immersive program that would help develop his Russian language skills and cultural knowledge.

Participant Perspective: Global Entrepreneurship Summit

James Morrissey, a 2011 alumnus of the Critical Language Scholarship Program (CLS), shares some insights with us about entrepreneurship and attending the Summit.

Sabrina Hassan Interview

Sabrina Hassan, a CLS scholar who studied Swahili in Tanzania, never considered study abroad until she encountered the CLS program.

Lon Gibson Interview

“CLS was truly an amazing opportunity. It was a chance to study a language and culture that few Americans know about.” –Lon Gibson

Caitlyn Carpio Interview

Caitlyn Carpio, who studied Mandarin in Suzhou, China through the CLS program, experienced firsthand the power of cultural exchange in sparking new friendships and reaching mutual understanding.

CLS Capacity Building in Morocco and Oman

The Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) program, in addition to improving the language skills of young Americans over the past ten years, has resulted in a better understanding of the best practices for teaching foreign languages at host country institutions.

Thank you, CLS!

The Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) is celebrating its 10th Anniversary! #CLSTURNS10

Learn Russian Next Summer!

Learn Russian!

Jessica Gumucio, Senior at Davidson College, studied Russian in Vladimir, Russia in Summer 2015 on a Critical Language Scholarship (CLS).

Gain a Competitive Edge: Learn Hindi in India!

Anna Stewart, a Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Alumna, tells us how learning Hindi in India on her CLS gave her a competitive edge!

Enhance Your Career: Learn Turkish in Turkey!

Liz Clark, a Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) alumna, tells about how learning Turkish on her CLS program helped enhanced her career.