Building a Future Through Technology

Sura   M.

Sura Mubarak is a true TechGirl—developing a robotics project to help people with hand disabilities control a computer and starting a volunteering organization. Sura knew that in order to pursue her love of robotics, a trip to the United States was in her future.
TechGirls United States
Shaping the Future of the Kyrgyz Republic

Nadezdha   P.

Student Organizer
Kyrgyz Republic
Nadia Pak, a Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) Program alumna from the Kyrgyz Republic, is working with other FLEX alumni to mobilize Kyrgyzstani youth to be more active citizens.
Future Leaders Exchange Western Hemisphere
Shaping the Future of Education in Azerbaijan

Sevinj   M.

Community Leader
Sevinj Mammadova, an alumna of the Global Undergraduate Exchange Program (Global UGRAD) and Edward S. Muskie Fellowship Program (Muskie) from Azerbaijan, is the February International Exchange Alumni Member of the Month.
Global Undergraduate Exchange Program (Global UGRAD) United States
Edmund S. Muskie Graduate Fellowship Program United States
Human Rights Clubs in Rwanda (Youth Leadership Program)

Sharon   M.

Youth Human Rights Activist
After returning home from her exchange program on human rights in the United States, Sharon worked with 21 other Rwandan exchange alumni students and educators to launch high school human rights clubs throughout Rwanda.
Youth Leadership Programs United States
A Progressive Teacher for Uzbekistan

Feruza   M.

Feruza Masharipova shares the knowledge, skills, and experience she has gained from her exchange programs with teachers and students in Uzbekistan.
Teaching Excellence and Achievement (TEA) Program United States
Junior Faculty Development Program (JFPD) United States
Volunteerism in Latin America

Nathaly   V.

Community Organizer
Nathaly's leadership mobilizes her peers to tackle Latin America’s most pressing issues.
Youth Ambassadors United States