Sports Envoy Program

Cal Ripken huddles with young baseball players.

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Iraqi Soccer Visitors: Leveling the Playing Field

Sports Diplomacy developed this female-focused sports diplomacy program to continue the State Department’s efforts in empowering and inspiring Iraqi women and girls through sports.

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Julie Foudy provides positive encouragement to a girl for scoring a goal.

Soccer Envoys in Brazil: Getting More Women and Girls Involved in Soccer

Brazil is a nation of soccer, but when it comes to women and girls’ participation in soccer, the numbers tell a different story.

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Dr. Woodson-Smith plays wheelchair basketball with some of the students at Guangzhou English Training Center (GETCH).

First Sports Envoys with Disabilities Travel to China to Advance Disability Rights and Inclusion

Addressing the rights and inclusion of persons with disabilities in China has emerged as a significant foreign policy issue in the twenty-first century. Dr. Becky Clark and Dr. Andrea Woodson- Smith made a historical trip serving as the first ever disabled sports envoys to travel on behalf of the State Department to Guangzhou, China.

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Tracy joins the girl Costa Rican soccer players.

Celebrating International Women’s Day Through Soccer

Working with U.S. Embassy in San José, the State Department developed a Sports Envoy program to reach out to Costa Rican women and youth—girls in particular—through the game of soccer.

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