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EducationUSA Academy is a two-to-four week academic program which provides college preparatory content including specialized courses in various fields, English and academic writing courses, tours of diverse college and university campuses, and cultural activities to 15- to 17-year old, mostly self-funded students from around the world. The Academy provides international students with the opportunity to become more familiar with the U.S. higher education system, academic culture, campus life, and the college admissions process. This program creates a pathway for international high school students who may not otherwise have considered attending university in the United States by providing them with the information and skills necessary to become successful students at U.S. higher education institutions. The U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs is pleased to have a cooperative agreement with World Learning to administer the Academy.

For more details, please visit the EducationUSA Academy website.

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2020 EducationUSA Academy Host Institutions:

Program Length

Approximately 1 month

Eligibility and Application Overview

Public applications are accepted.
Participants must:
  • Be students (currently enrolled or recently graduated), ages 15-17;
  • Have an intermediate level of English or approximately 3 years of middle to high school English language study (Note: language requirements may vary slightly by institution);
  • Be mature and self-disciplined students with a commitment to active participation in the Academy and its programming;
  • Be non-U.S. citizens and reside outside of the United States;
  • Have sufficient personal funds to cover university fees and international airfare

*Application timelines vary by host institution (please refer to the institution of your choice for its specific deadline).

Please contact your local EducationUSA adviser if you have questions about or need assistance completing an EducationUSA Academy application.  To find your local EducationUSA advising center, please visit the EducationUSA website.

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