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The U.S. Department of State’s Emerging Young Leaders Award and Exchange Program recognizes youth around the world for their efforts to create positive social change. This new initiative goes beyond highlighting successful youth-led community projects: the award and exchange program set young leaders on a path for increased collaboration on global issues affecting youth by providing skills and tools for continued success.

In its inaugural year, the Emerging Young Leaders Award and Exchange Program will bring ten remarkable young people to the United States for an intensive program specially tailored to each of them in order to strengthen their knowledge, abilities, and networks. During the program, they will connect with each other and with Americans in their areas of expertise to share best practices and create opportunities to multiply the impact of their work.

The recipients of the Emerging Young Leaders Award represent the power of young people to launch grassroots initiatives to improve their communities. These individuals are the future, and they are creating change now.

The State Department is investing in emerging young leaders because we recognize the vast potential of today’s change makers. By connecting youth with networks, organizations, and resources that can bolster their efforts to enact positive change, we are supporting a brighter future.

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