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More than 27,000 high school students have taken part in the FLEX program. Currently, there are 20 program-sponsored FLEX alumni groups, and at least 10 independent FLEX alumni groups throughout Europe and Eurasia. If you would like to join one of these groups, contact your local alumni coordinator.

The International Exchange Alumni website is also a valuable tool once your program has ended and you have returned home. It has resources such as grants, jobs, and research databases, and it can also help you meet other exchange alumni.

Alumni Small Grants Program:

FLEX alumni can also take part in the FLEX Alumni Small Grants Program. Individuals can receive a grant up to $250 to attend a conference or carry out a community service project. Groups can get up to $3,000 to pay for activities like professional development projects, community service programs, and promoting the English language.

Local alumni coordinators have more details on this program and can help you write the grant proposals. Grant writing seminars and individual meetings are held to give you feedback on your proposal. For more information contact the FLEX Alumni Coordinator in your country/region or email flexalumni@americancouncils.org

Shaping the Future of the Kyrgyz Republic

Nadezdha   P.

Student Organizer
Nadia Pak, a Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) Program alumna from the Kyrgyz Republic, is working with other FLEX alumni to mobilize Kyrgyzstani youth to be more active citizens.
Future Leaders Exchange Western Hemisphere
Home Country:
Kyrgyz Republic

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