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  1. A Crash Course in American Media

    Lamii Kpargoi’s long history of work and deep passion for the ideas of democracy and the rule of law led him to a Community Solutions Program exchange.

  2. A Different Approach to Learning

    Exploring teaching styles and critical thinking with the Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program

  3. Australians Will and Gareth See Firsthand the Diverse Viewpoints of America

    Taking a closer look at politics and new media in the United States

  4. Blind Student Finds New Confidence Teaching in a Foreign Country

    Once Andrey was accepted into the program, the realities of being disabled in a foreign country came to the forefront of his mind.

  5. Democratic Classrooms

    Encouraging conversations and democratic classrooms in the Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program

  6. Exchange Student Aspires to New Heights

    On a chilly October day, Azima found herself dangling on a harness, higher than a house, supported by a group of people gripping ropes below. "And then they let go!"

  7. Flying High at Community College

    “For me, having a friendship family has been the best way to learn about American English and United States culture and history."

  8. From Big City to Small Farming Town

    I'm very proud that I have friends from more than 13 countries.

  9. Learning about Southern Culture in New Orleans

    Global UGRAD Learns about Southern Culture in New Orleans

  10. Living as an American Teenager

    Because of the YES Program I am confident now and I believe in myself.


J-1 VisaExchange Visitor Program