December 9, 2017

Entrepreneurship, Creating Global Links

So, to me entrepreneurship is empowering women. Entrepreneurship is empowering economies. Entrepreneurship is to bring peace.
I'm Dr. Madiha Gohar, I am from Pakistan. I teach economics and entrepreneurship back in my country, in a women owned university. I am on entrepreneurship as an engine of prosperity and growth. It's a 3-week program for practitioners and academics from all around the world.
So during these 3 weeks we still are going to different cities, now we are in Pittsburgh, so during that visit, we are meeting different, different entrepreneurs we are meeting different organizations we have meetings with them that support small businesses that are in the US- and this gives us an opportunity to see the landscape of entrepreneurship and to understand the entrepreneurial culture of the USA. And I am very much inspired not only from the people who are here but from the support that is available
Entrepreneurship is creating links at the global level.