June 25, 2015

The Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders

Africa has great potential and more than 65 percent
of Africa's people are young.  We have
even a deeper hunger, we have this yearning for a better world.
And because of that I believe that we
haven't we have honest intention you know to do better. That's
one of the things we are really learning here.
It's to say, no we must be heard.
And we're, we are the future and so in a nutshell that's who I am, I am the future, the African future.
An African is known to be his brother's
keeper and that's who I am.
I'm hoping that with this, I'll go back more equipped to make changes. I hope that, I will be the change.
It's going to be about us, as Africa, to take pride in what we do.
Aspire to be excellent, and when we do that I think America will be very ready to help us. YALI is about empowering people, it's about bringing people together, it's about saying, let me teach you what you need in order for you to build your future.
I believe that this is probably the most
fundamental thing that President Obama has done, in his term as president, he's given us
what we need, for the future. Knowledge, skills, abilities, networking, relationships.
I am a young woman who wants to conquer the world and I'm around woman, who believes that I can add to the development of my continent, and of course my country, and my community, and my family.
For him to listen to us, to understand
where we're coming from and where we want to go, so it's umm it's very important, this
dialogue between us, I'm looking, I'm really looking for to it.
We provide him with, insight, to what Africa's future might look like but also allows him to give some guidance to future leaders.
And meeting with us is just saying, I'm giving you guys hope, I believe
in you, I am the President the greatest country in the world, and I'm sitting in a room
with 500 of you, and I'm telling you that I believe in you and who else can tell you that they don't believe in you, after that.