June 9, 2014

Professional Fellow Inspires Young Entrepreneurs


Noureddine: The YEP [Young Entrepreneurship Program] is a program that allows us to gain skills. knowledge, tools to promote entrepreneurship in our countries. It is for sure a program that has the purpose of developing our country.

My objective when I went there was to gather information to gather skills, to gather knowledge so that when I will come back to my country I can share it with my community. For me it was really amazing because I came back with another ambition with projects in mind that I am working on right now.

ENACTUS EHTP is part of an international network it's an American NGO that was created in 1975. Basically the principal of ENACTUS is to gather academics, professionals, and students to help community that are working on business and entrepreneurship projects

Youness: My name is Youness Ouazri. I am a second year Civil Engineering student and I am working with Hanane on a project "Green Bags." 

Hanane: It's a project that aim at raising awareness about the danger of plastic bags.On the other hand we aim to encourage and promote and revive the Moroccan heritage by encouraging artisans and cooperatives working in this field. We communicate with people from different fields such as those women that are working in cooperatives. They have lots of information to give you and you have a lots of skills to transmit to them. And there is this exchange that is so wonderful.

Moulouda: I'm honored that I met the Hassania engineering students. For the Casablanca Women Cooperative, they are supporting them to commercialize their products and also they're providing them an intellectual support. They're giving them literacy courses in Arabic and in French.

Noureddine: I'm trying to share with them what I learned there. And they are too trying to share what I gave them. So in this chain these programs can for sure develop the economy of our country because we are working in a field that promotes entrepreneurship, that creates jobs, that create opportunities. And a field that helps us to beneficiate from the potential we have here in our country.

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