July 8, 2016

YES Story: Nicole

My name is Nicole Shomaly, I'm from Bethlehem, Palestine.
I'm a YES exchange student and I was hosted in Waco, Texas
This program has taught me how to be a more independent and confident person.
Usually when you walked into the room, I was always trying to blend in with the background and never really make a noise, and so this program really pushed me out of my comfort zone, and at the same time it has made my love for my country grow, and it has taught me how to share my love for my country with other people.
I went to a very small school with only around 100 students, that have never met an exchange student before let alone a Palestinian.
So teaching them all of these things about Palestine and what I've been through really inspired them and I've had a couple people come back to me saying that they wanted to be exchange students, and to me that was such an honor to me that to make such an impact on those people.

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