December 31, 2014

FLEX Student of the Month – November 2014


Genadi with his host mom. Genadi with his host mom.
Genadi (Geno), an American Councils Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) program student from Georgia, arrived on program ready to take on the cause of “cultural exchange.” He has thrived in his host community and is a pro-active and enthusiastic participant in school, volunteer, and host family activities.
Geno excels at whatever he sets his mind to. The aspiring engineer currently receives straight A’s in an academically demanding course load that includes multiple AP-level classes. However, his talents do not stop at academics—he is an accomplished musician, performing in Jazz Band and playing sets at a local restaurant. He plays varsity soccer, serves on his school’s Student Council and was crowned Homecoming Prince, which drew cheers from a crowd of friends with signs proclaiming “Our Prince Geno.” Geno also enjoys teaching his classmates all about his home country and culture, joking that “now they have learnt that there is a country called Georgia.” 
By October, Geno had already performed over 150 hours of community service by devoting his weekends to performing good deeds in and around his host community, ranging from 5k races that support research for childhood heart disease to helping out at the Fort Worth Zoo collecting food and blankets for local nursing home residents. He is on track to top 200 community service hours over the holiday season by helping to wrap presents for host community residents in need. Most importantly, Geno does all of this with a smile on his face and, more often than not, the Georgian and Texan flags nearby.
Congratulations, Geno!
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