March 10, 2016

FLEX Student of the Month – November 2015


High school age girl stocking peanut butter at food pantry Symbat volunteering at the local food pantry
Symbat, an ASSE-placed Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) student from Kazakhstan, has transformed from a shy and reserved individual to an open and confident young woman this exchange year.
Participating in many host community and school activities has helped Symbat “find her voice." She exhibited her new-found sociable personality by joining the school band and basketball team. During homecoming, she performed with the band by playing the cymbals, where the entire town had an opportunity to witness her talent. In addition, Symbat has given two presentations about her home country, and plans to share more about Kazakhstan in future presentations. 
Having accumulated over 100 hours of community service already, Symbat displays her willingness to engage in her community. She dedicates time to her school library and the local public library. She also volunteers at her local church and a nearby food pantry. Symbat said she is grateful for the opportunity to be involved in community service because it brings “new knowledge and strong friendships.” 
Not only is Symbat a dedicated volunteer, she is also a motivated student. She has made her school’s Honor Roll and has earned A’s in nearly all of her classes. Furthering her academic knowledge, Symbat spent a day shadowing her school guidance counselor for an ASSE leadership project. Symbat is an exemplary exchange student, displaying confidence, motivation, and leadership. “I want to be the kind of leader that I would follow," she said. "A boss says ‘Go!’ and a leader says ‘Let’s Go!’” 
Congratulations, Symbat!   
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