July 20, 2017

FLEX Student of the Month - October 2016

The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State is proud to announce the selection of Davit Jintcharadze (World Link/Georgia/CA) as the October 2016 FLEX Student of the Month.


Two men in  the front seat of a truck, one wearing large work headphones Davit during a ride along with the Fire Department

Davit is a straight A student and has quickly taken an active role in his school and community.  He is active in six school organizations, including the Key Club, Drama, Pink Ribbons (Ribbons of Hope), and the science, math, and multicultural clubs. With the help of his school’s multicultural club, Davit has arranged to play Georgian music in the hallways during International Education Week!

Davit already has made numerous presentations on Georgian culture and his role as a youth ambassador, including with the local mayor and city council. Thereafter, he accepted their offer to ride along with the local police and fire departments, learning more about the workings of his host city. After the ride-alongs, Davit showed his appreciation by cleaning the city’s emergency vehicles. He loved helping these important members of society and introducing them to Georgia.

Davit has also discovered a passion for volunteering. He continually seeks opportunities to learn, while at the same time helping his community, making him well-known to some of the most prominent people in his city and to his American peers.

An opportunity came up to help a World Link alumnus in Bulgaria write letters of hope and motivation to Syrian refugees and he was the FIRST student to volunteer to commit to getting at least 10 of his American peers to write letters. He brought this project to members of his Key Club; they all went to the school administration and now it will be a whole school project! This is just one example of Davit’s passion for helping others and putting his whole heart into whatever he does. 


Young male sits at desk holding gavel with city symbol on front of desk Davit at the Kingsburg, CA City Council
Davit has also done community service at a charity thrift shop, helped run a “Taste of Town” event, and served food to support the non-profit “Kids First Fund”. His interest in art led him to volunteer backstage at the community art center. Soon he hopes to give art lessons there and to children at the public library.

Davit’s host family describes him as mature, intelligent, and considerate. They report he welcomes any advice to make his exchange year better and consistently works on improving himself.  Davit and his host mother share a passion for art.  The host father and Davit enjoying discussing current issues, especially politics. The family is really enjoying hosting Davit and watching him getting involved and growing.

Davit has been a model exchange student and impeccable representative of Georgia and the FLEX program.

Congratulations Davit!


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