October 16, 2015

FLEX Student of the Month – September 2015


Narek helping his host brother
Narek, an YFU-placed Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) student from Armenia, is very proud to share his culture with others while learning from the American culture that encompasses him. 
With eagerness and excitement, Narek extends his helping hand through volunteer service. He services nonverbal adults by volunteering at Sign Language classes, where he teaches them different parts of the language each day. Narek also volunteers at his school library where he performs clerical work, such as shelving books. Narek states he “really likes volunteering,” and is currently searching for new places in need of assistance, where he can demonstrate his selfless character.  
Narek’s caring personality does not only qualify him as a great volunteer, but also as a great family member. Narek was very eager to become a part of his host family. He performs chores and duties around the house, while also partaking in family activities. Narek displays his loving nature once more by caring for his host brother with special needs. Narek spends time with his host brother by teaching him how to draw, recognize colors, and play ball. He also shows patience and joy while pushing his host brother around in his wheelchair. “Narek is for sure a wonderful young man,” quotes his host mother, “The people in Armenia should have a wonderful smile on seeing how Narek is representing his country.”
Congratulations, Narek!
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