April 18, 2017

Jahongir Olimov

Jahongir Olimov is from the Rasht Valley, a conservative part of Tajikistan. Jahongir works to fight violent extremism and radicalization by implementing projects in the most vulnerable regions of Tajikistan reaching thousands of youth. In 2015 and 2016, Jahongir led projects aimed at preventing young people from joining extremist and terrorist groups.  These educational activities focused on the basics of the ideologies that lead to violent extremism, radicalism and terrorism. As a coordinator at the NGO “Marifatnoki,” he and his team implement regional projects aimed at empowering women, promoting volunteerism and leadership, encouraging environmental protection, countering violent extremism, improving civic education, human rights and the business climate in the region. He initiated a network of youth-based Marfiatnoki groups in Rasht Valley, which play an important role in community decision-making and dispute resolution.  Jahongir continues to courageously address extremist ideologies in schools and among the population where he lives and has plans to expand his work to incorporate local religious leaders.

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