August 15, 2012

The Teacher who Never Stopped Learning

Ndeye Bineta, an English teaching professional, has yet to stop learning. During her online course for the OPEN - Online Professional English Network" Program, she knew she would learn about academic topics like methodology and practical activities that will ultimately help her teach better.

“As a result of taking the online course, my students’ interest in English classes has increased considerably,”  claims Ndeye.

Ndeye’s knowledge of English teaching increased as she learned about students’ needs, available classroom resources, practical classroom activities, and her own ability to create materials.

But  Ndeye learned more than just how to be a better teacher,  she also learned about community.

“I got progressively familiar with the participants and instructors in the online course to the point of being able to guess their reactions to my posts, or imagining the expressions on their faces as they commented on my post or read comments I made on theirs," says Ndeye.

It is this community that she created  when she was part of the OPEN - Online Professional English Network Development Workshop.

“We had managed to bring our cultures together and form a big family to support each other and share some wonderful moments of friendship,” says Ndeye. 

She is still in contact with this “family” today—sharing resources and ideas so that everyone becomes a better teacher.

“As an English as a Foreign Language Teacher, I believe that part of my duty is to do everything I can to contribute to the development of English language teaching and learning in my country,” says Ndeye. “I have learned a lot through this program, and this is an opportunity for me to share my experience with my colleagues.” 

“I understand that one of the objectives of the E-Teacher Scholarship Program is to promote English language teaching and the English language itself around the world. I participated in this program because its organizers had faith in my ability to reach as many people as possible once back in my country.  This workshop I will conduct gives me the feeling of making one important step towards fulfilling my part of the contract.”

Video of OPEN - Online Professionals in Dakar


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