German American Partnership Program

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Program Details

GAPP provides a unique environment for a semester or academic school year exchange between GAPP partner schools.

The GAPP office in New York facilitates the J-1 Visa application process for in-bound students, which should start as soon as the decision to go abroad has been made.

To initiate the J-1 Visa application process for an extended stay at an American high school, the American GAPP Coordinator needs to be contacted by his German partner teacher on behalf of the interested student. Once the American school has agreed to the long-term exchange the American Coordinator can obtain the J-1 Visa application package through the GAPP office.

For an out-bound exchange the American GAPP Coordinator contacts the partner school in Germany. For American citizens, a permit to stay in Germany for an extended period can be readily obtained through the German Consulate or the local authority responsible for aliens.

Please contact the GAPP office in New York for the latest brochures on initiating a long-term exchange.

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