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  1. Anita Learns About Another Culture, and Herself

    My experience helped me to approach difficult situations with perspective and objectivity.

  2. A Unique Opportunity for English Language Educators

    Daniel Lopez, a Senior English Language Fellow at the Benjamin Franklin Library in Mexico City, believes his fellowship experience has provided him an invaluable opportunity for professional development.

  3. Bridging East and West in the Classroom

    Inspiring ideas from an east-west classroom experience.

  4. Bridging the Gap Between Our Separate Worlds

    I have grown more than I could have ever imagined, and have learned things that couldn't have been taught in a classroom.

  5. Dancing in the DRC

    Carmen Nicole Smith travels with the State Department’s Dancing to Respect and embarks on a mission to empower the women of the DRC.

  6. Commemorating World AIDS Day through Urban Art

    Maxx Moses, a gifted graffiti muralist from New York, worked on a special project for World AIDS Day that used urban art to raise awareness about HIV prevention and testing.

  7. Connecting Through Science

    Randy French teaches middle school science in western New York State and recently travelled to Ghana with the Teachers for Global Classrooms program; where he spent a week at the Accra Girls school.

  8. Discovering the Many Layers of American Diversity

    Ask Norina Poetter how her exchange experience in America is going and stand by to be "wowed," as her journey unfolds in a whirlwind of enthusiasm and humor that is simply Norina.

  9. Experiencing Everyday Life in a Host Family

    CLS Participant Learns About Life and Culture From Host Family

  10. Learning a Language and Making Personal Connections

    CLS Participant Makes Personal Connections While Learning a Language