September 12, 2012

NSLI-Y, Language Learning with U.S. State Department


NSLI-Y, Language Learning with U.S. State Department

NSLI-Y program is a program that helps American students study aboard to learn foreign languages that are deemed critical by the United States government. 

Rosemary: This program is all-in-one. You get to learn the language, but also learn the culture at the same time. And that’s just an awesome opportunity.

My language skills advanced so much faster than it would of if I was in a purely academic environment. And I would of never been able to gain the same understanding and how the language is used in context unless I was living in the country.  

It almost, in a way, forces you to learn more because if you want to communicate with your host mom or figure out the transportation system then you are gonna have to learn for yourself.

Philip: I was the first American to come to the city where I was living, the first American to attend the school that I attended. And it was a challenge, but with that much seclusion from English and from my home, I had a lot of pressure and a lot of incentive to learn Russian. And within five months, I became pretty functional.

Lena: It’s definitely a worthwhile experience that there can be very difficult times, but also very meaningful and really does put things into perspective.

Melody: I wished that we had a better reputation. I feel like this generation, we can really make that change. We can just show them, you know, how we’re not like the media perceives us to be.

Holly: You know, it just really like an extra push to get out into the world and broaden my worldview and understand where these people are coming from. And what I can do to represent America and represent American youth.

Ending: I hope everyone, you know, looks into this program and does it because it really is such a beneficial tool for your future and it really opens up so many doors.