August 26, 2015

YES ABROAD: Indonesia with Baillie

I'm Baillie, and I am going to be junior and I am from Chesapeake, Virginia and I am 16. I am going to Indonesia on the YES Abroad program.
Hi, my name is Baillie Riggs, and I am currently spending my junior year abroad here in Jakarta, Indonesia.
I am here on the YES Abroad program, which is a U.S. State Department funded scholarship.
It's going to be beneficial to me in my future, just to have been able to experience something so different from my everyday American life. It's beneficial to anyone, to really just step out your own shoes for a year, and get to live in somebody else's , it's incredible.
And you know exchange isn't easy, I might be humiliated over something one day, but then the next day realize, you know, how was I possibly supposed to know that? Why would I be embarrassed by something I didn't know. 
We call this restaurant, Ebu's Kitchen. Serves out 3 meals a day. 
Stereotypes come from misconceptions, miscommunications and misunderstandings. So really getting to be here, and getting to talk to people and watch them and see their everyday movements
and activities, and to really get to understand why they do what they do things, the way they do them, it really helps me to understand why some things might have been stereotypes the way they are, and to really just get a chance to experience something amazing.