August 26, 2015

YES ABROAD: South Africa with Jack

My name is Jack Elmer, and from Fort Collins Colorado. I am 16-years-old, and I am going into my junior year.
I would brand myself as a life long learner who likes to go on adventures. With the YES program, I am going to be living in South Africa for a year. And I am doing that as a form of cultural exchange.
I am hosted in Somerset West, South Africa, which is suburb of Cape Town. I am enrolled in a local high school in grade 12, and I am studying the same things as a high school kid here would study.
Much has surprised me here in South Africa. While I came here with an open mind, free of many common misconceptions, I am still surprised everyday.
I personally believe, that just by being here I am serving as a youth ambassador for the U.S. and I am making a small difference.