March 29, 2017

American Abroad Student of the Month - February 2017


Ariadna learning how to cook from her host mother in Amman, Jordan
Ariadna Chua, a Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Abroad Program (YES Abroad) participant, has been named February’s American Abroad Student of the Month. From Missouri city, Texas, Ariadna is a long way from home in Amman, Jordan and making the most of her time there. She is known as a focused and motivated student, and has worked to build relationships with her host family and schoolmates.

In America, Ariadna attends William P. Clements High School and in Jordan, she attends Al Mashrek International School. Here, she achieves high grades while being actively involved in the school’s community and extracurricular activities. At school she not only participates in clubs like Model UN, science fairs, and volunteer opportunities, but also works to help her fellow classmates be successful.

Most notably, Ariadna started a debate team at her host school. Her role on this team has included training students in fundamental debating tactics. In December, Ariadna helped train and prepare a select group of students to participate in an international debate tournament.


Ariadna enjoys learning how to cook traditional cuisine at her cooking classes.
Outside of school, Ariadna has eagerly worked to adapt to and learn from her Jordanian community. Ariadna and her host family have grown close and have a positive relationship. Ariadna has dedicated her weekends to learning how to cook from her host mother, providing a time for them to grow closer.

Ariadna’s inquisitive nature extends outside of her host home, and in an attempt to learn more about Jordanian life, Ariadna has volunteered at a local outdoor market. Ariadna has truly approached her exchange experiences with an ambassadorial sprit and has succeeded in touching many lives and nurturing friendships across cultural boundaries.

Congratulations, Ariadna!

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