February 22, 2018

American Abroad Student of the Month: January 2018

Adam Wickham, a National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) participant is the U.S. Department of State’s January 2018 American Abroad Student of the Month.  From New York and a graduate of Stuyvesant High School, Adam is currently studying in Chisinau, Moldova.

While excelling in his NSLI-Y Russian coursework at Ion Creanga State Pedagogical University, Adam has also immersed himself in extracurricular and volunteer activities in Chisinau. Since November, Adam has been volunteering as a leader of the Haverim youth English club. In this role, he has already volunteered for more than twenty hours, preparing and leading conversations on travel, literature, and pop culture. Though he is leading a local English club, Adam speaks with his fellow group leaders in Russian while discussing conversation ideas, preparing materials, and translating words and phrases for participants.

Since January 9, Adam has also been taking geography classes in Russian on Wednesdays at Pushkin Lyceum, a nearby Russian-language high school. Adam said that he still feels somewhat like a visitor there, but he has been very pleased at the amount of material he has been able to understand and the number of ideas he has been able to contribute to class discussions. Adam wrote that passing his first geography test in Russian felt like one of his biggest accomplishments so far as a NSLI-Y participant in Moldova. He said that by the end of the semester, he hopes to feel like just another Russian-speaking student in the class who happens to be an American.

On February 12, Adam gave a presentation for a 2018 NSLI-Y virtual event. During this online event, Adam presented to an international audience on developing leadership skills as a NSLI-Y participant, and specifically on how participating in the NSLI-Y program has given him chances to develop new friendships and a new social network in a completely different cultural environment. 

Congratulations, Adam!

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