November 30, 2018

FLEX Student of the Month – December 2018

We are pleased to announce Djordje Popovic from Serbia as the CIEE-placed FLEX December Student of the Month! Although it has only been a few months since his arrival in the United States, Djordje has fully embraced his exchange experience. Despite the fact that he is a relative newcomer, Djordje is well-liked by his classmates and was even voted senior class president! The support and adoration from his classmates are a testament to the profound impact Djordje has already made on his community in just a short amount of time. Even though Djordje originally had a limited understanding of what the class president role entails, he nevertheless accepted the position and he is excelling in his new-found role.

A proud member of his high school’s football team, Djordje enjoys the strong camaraderie the team offers. Whether he is on the sidelines or on the field, he strives to push his teammates to victory. In addition to football, Djordje is also a member of the basketball and volleyball teams. In addition to sports, Djordje is highly interested in technology, so he joined the school’s robotics team.

He also excels in the classroom and focuses on his school work. His hard work in all areas of school life does not go unnoticed by his peers: he is a respected role model who is looked up to by fellow students. Djordje is a caring, outgoing and friendly student.

Outside of the classroom, Djordje works diligently towards making a difference in his community. He is a positive young man who is well-regarded in his community. For International Education Week, Djordje gave two interactive presentations at his high school. He cooked traditional Serbian food, taught the audience Serbian words and phrases, discussed the alphabet and written language, highlighted important artwork, and displayed personal, cultural items from his country for all to see. He volunteered at his town’s fall festival and has also volunteered at his local second-hand store, as well as his town’s Halloween carnival. When it comes to a community service project, Djordje is willing to help with a can-do attitude!

Finally, Djordje enjoys spending time with his host family and doing activities together. Djordje and his 8th grade host brother have already formed a strong friendship. He loves sharing and talking about Serbia with his host family— they’re even learning a couple of phrases in Serbian from Djordje!

Congratulations, Djordje!

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