March 4, 2019

FLEX Student of the Month – February 2019

We are pleased to announce Vlada Sanduleac from Moldova as the FLEX February Student of the Month! She is placed by ASSE.

Vlada has been a model FLEX student since she arrived, contributing to her local community in many ways. In the fall, Vlada joined the local Chamber of Commerce’s Street Art Festival, where the streets are the canvas to the artists. Vlada won 1st place for her age category. The theme was ‘One Love’ and she said she interpreted it as love for nature and decided to represent the beauty of the environment in a heart shape.

Vlada also integrates art as part of her community service at the library. She organized an art night for children and gave the children stroke-by-stroke directions to create two pieces of art. She was highlighted in the local paper with this activity. Vlada also regularly assists with story time at the library. The librarian said that preschool children love her accent and way she puts herself into the stories she reads. Vlada has completed over 75 hours of volunteering and would like to perform more than 100 hours by the time she goes home. Additional community service include caring for cats and dogs at the humane society, and helping at the local nursing home or church. Vlada says, “I am very happy to help my community.”

In school, Vlada maintains a 4.0 GPA. She is also a member of the school marching band and looks forward to concert band. Vlada has joined the soccer team and art club.

To learn about the diversity of America, she visited the Amish community, learning about both the culture and the small family businesses. Vlada says, “America has never stopped surprising me with its multicultural communities.”  Vlada also says she has learned tolerance and respect for differences by “meeting a lot of different people with different cultures and I have learned to respect their opinions.” She also shadowed the local fire chief, who she though would be a great example to learn about leadership, since managing a firehouse takes an incredible amount of skill and requires a lot of responsibility.

Congratulations Vlada!

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