March 28, 2018

FLEX Student of the Month – March 2018

We are pleased to announce Meder Mukai Uulu, an American Councils-placed FLEX Student from Kyrgyzstan, as the March 2018 Student of the Month.

Meder exhibits the qualities of a FLEX exchange student who surpasses expectations in all facets of the program. As a high school student in North Carolina, Meder dedicates himself to expanding his academic and linguistic proficiency by enrolling in multiple honors classes including honors English. Meder’s local coordinator has noticed the level at which his communication skills have developed, reporting, “In the short five months that Meder has been an exchange student, we have witnessed great strides in his personal growth. As his English proficiency has improved, his ability to communicate effectively and confidently has flowered!”

Aside from academics, Meder was selected through a competitive process to join the Young Leaders of Cary program, where he learns about the processes and importance of local government. He also participates in mock trials, tours of public buildings and meetings with local judges and state congress members. These opportunities augment his understanding of the nuances of local government while heightening his professional and communication skills as well.

Meder has completed 70 hours of community service by volunteering at his school library, babysitting in a church nursery and participating in the food bank at the North Carolina State Fair. Although Meder is involved in plenty of activities, he makes sure to save time for his host family, as he regularly cooks dinner for his household multiple nights a week. He shares all of these incredible opportunities with his friends and family in the United States and back home through innovative and positive social media posts.

Meder represents an exchange student that goes above and beyond in all aspects of his exchange to benefit his community and himself by capitalizing on the opportunities that his unique position offers. Meder is highly appreciated as a student, volunteer, peer and family member within his local community.

Congratulations Meder!

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